One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe

One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe (Workbook & DVD)


In English, you find only 2 types of numbers: cardinal and ordinal. Regardless of what the numbers are used to refer to, you will either use 1, 22, 39, or 110 (cardinal) or 1st, 22nd, 39th, or 110th (ordinal). By comparison, ASL has in excess of 20 numbering systems! If you are using the number 2, for example, palm orientation, location and movement will be different to communicate “2-years old,” “the 2 of us,” or “2-o’clock.” The same is true when signing “3rd place,” 3rd in line,” or “3rd item in a list.” Numbers are articulated differently when signed in a formal setting, as compared to a casual or informal setting.

Students, interpreters – both new and seasoned, as well as family and friends of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals can use this DVD/workbook to learn or review critical distinctions when conveying numerical information in ASL. Following a brief explanation of each numbering system covered, the on-screen Deaf instructor, provides brief ASL examples so you can see the specific numbering system applied and demonstrated. You will find additional practice material in the workbook. The instructor-generated demonstrations are edited together in the final chapter of the DVD, making them easier to access for review.

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One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe
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