ASL Faces

ASL Faces ( DVD)


This instructional ASL video (with English voice over) provides instruction and models of three types of ASL FACES critical to becoming an advanced signer. Your own use of the language and your ability to consistently comprehend complex native-like ASL signing will improve dramatically after a thorough study of these materials featuring Byron Bridges and the late Nathie Marbury with a cast of talented Deaf language models.

Affect Faces – ASL communicates a full range of emotions visually – using the face, as well as overall body language and gestures. This video demonstrates the full range of visual affect from slight, moderate, to strong intensity.

Non-Manual Markers – Instruction is provided regarding a range of grammatical markers for such constructions as:

  • Various question types (rhetorical, yes-no and wh-questions),
  • Affirmative and negating statements,
  • Emphatic and unmarked comments/reactions

Reciprocal Signals ASL is an interactive language, requiring fairly sustained eye contact and visual signals throughout a signed interaction indicating attention to what other signers are conveying, level of comprehension and need for clarification, as well as agreement or disagreement.

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ASL Faces
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