So You Want To Be An Interpreter? 5th edition (2020)

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The authors of this entry-level textbook, So You Want To Be An Interpreter? 5th edition, are excited about your desire to become a Sign Language interpreter and have done our best to provide you with a guide as you begin this journey. In writing this text, we assume you come prepared for success. You should already have advanced (preferably native or near-native) sign language skills (ASL, LSQ, MSL, etc.) and spoken language skills (English, French, or Spanish). You should, as well, be comfortable interacting with the kaleidoscope of individuals who make up the audiologically deaf, culturally Deaf, and DeafBlind members of your local, regional and national communities. Additionally, you should begin building relationships and developing skills to successfully collaborate with interpreting colleagues from multiple cultures and diverse backgrounds and identities.

This revised and updated edition is the work of a team of authors who have a total of over 150 years of experience interpreting and teaching, joined by invited guest authors and members of a Deaf interpreter focus group who have shared insightful contributions as well as feedback from recognized leaders in our profession, past and present. Overall, we are delighted to present this textbook to you. This 5th edition is unlike any other on the market!

We welcome you to our profession!


  • Introduction
  • The Roots of Interpreting
  • Identity, Family & Culture
  • Power and Privilege
  • The Process of Interpreting
  • Professional Practice of Deaf Interpreters
  • Working with Clients and Colleagues of Color
  • Role Space, Right vs Right, & True Collegiality
  • Principles of Professional Practice
  • Interpreting Around the World: An International View

*subject to change

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